Who we are .

Friends! Working with many clients and cooperating with various agencies, we have noticed one, often repeated strategy. IT companies acquire a client by promising wonders. Then, during further cooperation, it turns out that the client does not know at what stage of creation the product is or what will be its final effect. We have decided to break this pattern by introducing a completely new approach based on mutual loyalty and partnership. From the very beginning, we clearly define the conditions and the schedule of product development. The client knows exactly what is happening in his project and knows about the team’s further plans. He also gets his personal brand manager with whom he can contact at any time and with any question. Even after the project is finished, we do not leave the client alone. We provide advice, support and further cooperation if necessary. The satisfaction of people who want to cooperate with us is for us the highest value and the key to build our own market space. An additional solution that we offer our clients is the division of the sum of costs (production and maintenance) into a fixed monthly fee. It is an innovative approach to work settlement that provides a mutual guarantee of quality and satisfaction.